Question to Kathryn Stockett, author of The Help


I am extremely upset with the movie, The Help, for leaving out the issue of race!


“Lulabelle was her name. Law, she come out pale as snow. Grew hair the color of hay.  Not curly like yours. Straight it was.”  


I need to know if Ms. Stockett fought to have the issue of Lulabelle passing for white, in the movie.  Perhaps it ended up on the “cutting” floor. 


I would feel much better knowing that she, at least fought for it.  The whole issue of race regarding Lulabelle being “too high yellow” – why was this left out of the movie? 


“Why didn’t she send the baby to her sister’s?  Or another relative?”. . .


“But most send em off to family. A orphanage is…different altogether.”


"Her sister…she just couldn’t handle it. Being Negro with white Mississippi, it’s like you don’t belong to nobody. But it wasn’t just hard on the girl. It was hard on Constantine. She…folks would look at her. White folks would stop her, ask her all suspicious what she doing toting round a white child. Policeman used to stop her on State Street, told her she need to get her uniform on. Even colored folks…they treat her different, distrustful, like she done something wrong. It was hard for her to find somebody to watch Lulabelle while she at work. Constantine got to where she didn’t want to bring Lula…out much.”


This issue of race was critical to the novel (Pages 421 – 430) – I need to know why this was left out of the movie?  It's 2011 and American movies still fail to deal with the issue of race in America.



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I remember a movie with Anthony Hopkins "passing", I don't remember the name right now (old age!). 

I felt just what you do about this movie...the issue was "kinda" talked about and talked of but never really highlighted. It might be that we don't really have and may not be really ready for the far-reaching and profound realities this discussion would bring about.  

 ....."ended up on the “cutting” floor."

It wasn't even hinted at was it?.

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