From across the pond, Irish singer-songwriter
Sinéad O’Connor helps Smiley & West celebrate
St. Patrick’s Day.


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Watch Sinéad O’Connor’s conversation on PBS’ Tavis Smiley

Watch Singer-songwriter Sinead O'Connor on PBS. See more from Tavis Smiley.

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A Heartfelt conversation with: (Sinead O’ Connor) …

This was completely “Breath-less” indeed! … (smile) … “Thanks” Tavis, for sharing and bringing her into your PRI radio studio! … (smile) …

“Again, what a “colorful blend” of heartfelt and “well cultured conversations” that, was presented in this presentation!” …

In my truly humbled opinion; (Sinead O’ Connor), truly reveals and bares, both her naked heart and soul, including her “great love” for: (Curtis Mayfield”, to whom, is one of our most “inspirational Singers”, through-out the years), and for having shared, her “strong faith and her true dedicated commitment to God”, truly allows us all, to see inside her heart, and understand her “rich broad-view, of well rounded cultured history” as well …

“Which, also, truly leave us all, with the living learned memory, of knowing more about her, and for her “shared love for life”, which, we can now say, without a shadow of doubt; that, we have now, have been exposed to: “True Irish Blend of Warm Hearted Melodies indeed!” …

“Many Best wishes” to: (Sinead O’ Connor), for creating and making, such great heartfelt & convicting poetic music, in our time” …

Sincerely, with warmest regards,
Ms. Deborah J. Steele
(Your watchful & listening Angel in Atlanta,
& Smiley & West Team Member - 2012)


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