The comic genius talks about his work with Richard Pryor and his role as Negrodamus on Chappelle’s Show.



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Please tell Paul Mooney that Portland, Oregon is not unlike Seattle in that the white people in both places love to smile, laugh, talk and even collaborate on projects with you but, at the same time, they don't want you marrying THEIR daughters or moving into THEIR neighborhoods. They racist, but they sneaky....



Genius, comedic and otherwise!.....Thanks so much for sharing.... :-) all day!

Glad you're back Dr. West...missed you!

Tavis...don't be were fine without the "doc"!


BLACK ANGLO SAXONS....OMG....Desperate House "Niggas" !!!!....OMG........


HAHAHA oh man, genius
OMG That was funny. "Many a truth is told in a jest."
Uhh...Paul Mooney has never been that funny to me. I think something gets lost in the delivery.
paul  there are white people walking their dogs in detroit   what is that  thank G  they do not have to carry a plastic bag gue from a jew yes!!!!!

FOREVER MOONEY  thats how we will keep him   thank you paul so much   i have and can listen to it again and again   GRAMCRACKERS  UNEMPLOYMENT SOLVED   CATCH E'M    NO FORGIVENESS   NO FORGETTING   AND SAYING IT EVERY TEN         ADD ANOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now Richard Pryor.......that's different.  When I was kid, I used to stay up late at night to hear him on the "Merv Griffin" show. I loved Richard Pryor.
Paul Mooney wrote the jokes Richard Pryor delivered so, you must be correct when you say it's Paul's delivery. I find him funny as heck-but, I don't think my kids do. Might be a generational thing.

Paul Mooney, you are a genius, you know it and "they" know it too. You speak the truth!!!!!!


my mane man paul mooney. if i was a comedian i would have the same material as paul mooney. he gets "It" lmao

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