“Smart & sexy” astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson reflects on the end of the Space Shuttle era and tells us what’s next in the exploration of our universe.

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Epic talk, I love Tyson, if anyone is not familiar with him checkout some youtube videos.
Yes, I enjoyed the entire interview. Dr. Tyson is delightful but my sister
gave the word:

"I think our problem right now is literally not having a commitment,
.not having a vision as a nation of being something better, of being
something that is not just about the little bitty tiny that we can
eke out right now, the ten percent increase in fuel efficiency,
as you said, for the airplane. It’s literally about, can we expand
further. Can we see and envision an adrenaline rush that’s
not tied to dropping bombs."---Mae Jemison
Neil deGrasse Tyson is refreshing. And I'm so excited you had him on your show. I own several of his books and I make it a point to watch all of his discussions as well as listen to him on Star Talk Radio. I recommend any of his works.

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