Former federal employee Marsha Coleman-Adebayo shares her experience in the new book No Fear: A Whistleblower's Triumph Over Corruption and Retaliation at the EPA.


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This is what happens to Black Professors who fight against their removal from HBCU's casused by obama watch:

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DSU Protest For More African American Students & Staff
To whom it may concern: Its clear that you are involved in the conspiracy to allow the current administration to steal and commit fraud against the public to make up for past injustices against Black people. The Black elitist and/or others are being allowed to steal from the public without fear of the rule of law applying to them. This is to notify you we will expose you also.
Power of the People
Ricardo E. Jones SR.
This trial is an injustice against all Black people. White racist Bigots at HHS contracting deverting 30% of set a side ear marked contracts from Historic Black colleges and universities to others they friends and non-Black colleges. Contact the adminstration and Katheen Sebelius head of HHS an Obama appointee to answer How, Why and to account for all funds deverted from HBCU's and to reinstate Holms-Martin with all pay and benefits immediately.
Ricardo Jones


Please forgive me for getting into this discussion so late, but I only recently received membership and I couldn't keep quiet as I consider the situation in our country to be quite serious. I hear you and I understand your concerns about what Tavis and Doctor West are doing, especially as they are considered to be his traditional "base" of supporters.  But I think a larger issue is getting lost here.

While there can be short-term damage to President Obama to have criticism thrown at him from his own presumed constituency, it is also important to recognize that as our President, he is an elected official, and has accountability. The process of election comes from making promises, taking positions, and expressing an agenda, so that voters know what to expect from him if he wins. I'm stating this obvious fact because often in our enthusiasm and passion for having a black family in the White House we forget that Democracy remains healthy and intact only when we question and challenge our elected officials.  To defend or support our leaders unconditionally leads to a recipe for unchecked power, which will corrupt anyone.

The other problem we face is that Obama is surrounded by and hit with criticism from the Right constantly and it makes us defensive of him, rightly so. But it also means he is forced to compromise and cater to interests who have not elected him.  Defending him does not ensure he will defend our rights or the programs that bring minorities and poor people to a level playing field with the privileged classes in this country. Washington is an ugly place.  Just ask Jack Abramoff. I am assuming you voted for Obama not because of his color, but because his stated agenda was sympathetic to your concerns. 

In reality, the agenda that he laid out hasn't been enacted, and in some ways we have lost more civil rights and economic power under Obama than under Bush. No one should expect 100% return on campaign promises, even amorphous ones like hope and change. But look at the NDAA, the continuance of the Patriot Act, the pardoning of AT&T for illegal wire-tapping, the assasination and detention of U.S Citizens, the refusal to prosecute Wall Street criminals or any Bush administation official for their war crimes and you will see how the state of our democracy is under attack.  You could view this as the nature of politics.  But even Obama stated on election day that change could be made only by all of us pulling together and creating the change we want to see.  You bring about change in your life in your way, and Tavis and Doctor West take another strategy by raising issues in the public sphere that would otherwise go ignored in this contentious political climate.

What they are doing, IMHO, is changing the tone of the conversation by pointing to issues that American citizens, regardless of color, deal with, i.e. speaking truth to power.

Right now the mainstream media has its lens continually focused on the agenda of right wing adherents who claim entitlement programs, terrorist threats, debt, and immigrants are ruining this country.  Nothing could be further from the truth, I think you could agree with that. However, the establishment and its media would choose to focus strictly on these issues because it makes the Obama Administration look weak and "wrong".

If he caves in to the calls for cutting the social safety net, ramping up the war machine for more attacks in the Middle East, giving corporations, religious institutions and the rich even more rights and powers than they already have, how will that help you?  Will he even be your President anymore?

There is already ample evidence that his is not "our" president, but the official who serves the banks and financial services industry, who want as little change as possible.  Only  when he serves OUR interests can we truly say he is our president. Money is a powerful motivator, but speech can be just a powerful.  Numbers count.  If you rally people for your cause and call attention to the numerous crises this country actually faces, that is not "bothering" or attacking the President, it is our responsibility and duty as citizens in a democracy.  This fight is bigger than black on black issues. The Health Care Program was a massive cave-in to the Pharmaceutical and Health Insurance industries and they will profit immensely from it, while the Public Option will remain anemic and largely underfunded if it even gets implemented. The tax incentive is a short term solution that will damage us long-term since the payroll tax is how we fund Social Security.

The real battle we face, as you have discussed is for the future of our children.  If you love them, please understand that unflinching support of someone who is betraying your interests will NOT bode well for that future.  If Tavis and Dr. West didn't bring the issues of poverty and income inequality to the national discussion, who would have done it?  If we still supported the President, and under pressure from the Right and its faithful media (i.e. Fox News), he dismantled our much needed social programs, defunded education, ratched up the War Machine to an even higher level, and violated our Civil Liberties in the name of "National Security" who benefits?  Only the Right, and only the richest among them.

Please ask yourself, "When I or my loved ones become homeless and lose access to healthcare, when education becomes so dismal that my children can barely read or write, when our comunities become so impoverished that criminal activity is the number one economic market that rules my streets, can I still in good faith support my President since he is black?"  Community work is vital, but we have enough sense to understand we should be doing that regardless.  This shouldn't let the President off the hook for his responsibilities.

Obama can handle the criticism.  He's an adult and understands the problems of being the highest profiled and most powerful official in the world. But the office he holds must be examined for its use and abuse of power. Other officials are there because they also represent powerful interests who want things to continue to go their way - or else. Without the voice of the vulnerable and weaker members of society being represented in Washington and on the National scene, who do you think he will be forced to listen to? 


This is a war for the future of our country, and we won't win by leaving Obama alone.  He challenged us to bother him on election day, he asked that we hold him accountable, because the other side will certainly do worse. Public discourse is a largely misunderstood and underused tool that the mainstream media uses to great affect, partially because they downplay its significance.  But we are all affected by it.  It must be challenged and changed, because winning hearts and minds is what politics and power is all about.  Too often we forget that and that is exactly what those in power want us to do.


Please step back for a moment and remember that this game is a winner-take-all situation. We can't let up on Obama any more than the thousands of corporate and big money lobbyists in Washington are letting up on him - and they never will.

I just want to know why are we allowing the obama admistration to steal money from HBCU's?

Black college students could attend HBCU's for very little in fee's if obama's adminstration wasn't stealing from the HBCU's.

So why can't we hold the president accountable??? Can anyone answer the question? So are Ivy leagers Blacks are allowed to steal???


 Reply by Bennetta 3 hours ago

When I clicked on that ABC story that referenced Sharpton, near the bottom of the article it infers something else too that I really HOPE is not true of Sharpton.


To be clear, Obama has been a disaster for Civil Rights, Civil Liberties and in part the Economy.  He not only retained most of Bush’s REPUBLICAN policies but actually expanded and/or extended them hence the Patriot Act, warrantless wiretapping, Drones, unauthorized Wars (Libya), NDAA....who knew he loved militancy so much?!  As a Democrat, I certainly did not which is why I voted for him back in 2008 bc I thought he was a DEMOCRAT with democratic values and hence a democratic agenda to include democratic policies for ALL and yes that includes minorities and specifically BLACK communities & THEIR concerns too.  Nonetheless, it appears I and so many other millions of democratic constituents were simply WRONG or shall I say “mislead” to believe that Obama would represent the Left view once in the WH, whereas he instead, shifted from Left to CENTRIST to now appearing to lean Right...certainly not what Democratic voters voted for in 2008....he should NOW be running on the Republican ticket along with the rest because truth be told Obama scares me just as much as those Republicans do! 

So to ALL who say FOUR MORE YEARS, my response is “ok but this time tell me EXACTLY how will such a vote benefit ME and MY COMMUNITY and OUR concerns?”

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