Civil rights attorney Margaret Ratner Kunstler talks about her fight to end the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy.

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Freedom fighters to the rescue. We definitely need civil rights attorneys to get in gear and attack! And, she is preaching when she said protest is the way to freedom.

more insightful, intelligent conversations with people making a difference in our country - inspiring, comforting, motivating, thought provoking. Thank you!

I live in Syracuse and when I heard of the NYPD's actions, I was deeply concerned. I've always maintained that the NYPD is a Fascist organization, but this is going way too far. I have Muslim friends I communicate with online who reside all around the world, including a friend from Pakistan. Is the NYPD monitoring our conversations? I always figured the real bogeymen were the CIA and those creeps in Homeland Security, but the NYPD spying on my Muslim neighbors 300 miles away from their jurisdiction? Wow.

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