A listener from Tucson, AZ takes Smiley & West to task for their criticism of President Obama’s stimulus program.

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Greetings Dr. West,


I would like to take you to task for your willingness

to ''hold your nose'' and vote Democratic.


I guess my phone message with an excerpt from Brother Malcolm's speech was too long.


So here's his speech: 


The Ballot or the Bullet

Malcolm X Shabazz

April 3, 1964 in Cleveland, OH


As you know, this month is the anniversary of Malcolm's assassination,

and I hope you will dedicate one segment of your February programs to him.


He believed in non-violent direct action with the right to self-defense

from unlawful attack.


We have excellent 3rd Party candidates in Jill Stein with the Green Party

and Rocky Anderson with the Justice Party. Perhaps you will invite them

on your program.


So, at least for me, voting the ''lesser of the two evils'' is not an option.


I'd rather vote for what I want, stand on principle, and NOT get it

-- than vote for what I don't want, and GET it. The lesser of the evils will still take us to Hades. And if you replace ''Dixiecrat'' with ''Blue Dog Democrat'' in Malcolm's speech -- you can see that a real populist doesn't have a prayer of getting a leadership position in the Democratic Party.


If the majority of voters do not vote 3rd Party, that will not deter me.



John Everhart, Elko Nevada

Ditto, Mr. Everhart. Especially when you think of Malcolm X, MLK, M. Evers, or even the Kennedy brothers and consider the fact that the "democrat" you're being asked to vote for is an assassin!

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