Racist ideology still prevails in some circles of the educated community.  The following is not some random guy on the street, but a historian and a former academic speaking on national TV:



Historian David Starkey has told BBC's Newsnight ''the whites have become black'' in a discussion on the England riots with author and broadcaster Dreda Say Mitchell and the author of Chavs, Owen Jones.

“A ­violent, destructive, ­nihilistic gangster culture has become the fashion and black and white, boy and girl, operate in this ­language together... that’s why so many of us have this sense of literally living in a ­foreign country.”





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This red neck bigot David Starkey is a joke. He is stuck on stupid and is very ignorant and un intelligent.

He calls himself a historian...of what the kkk.

Thanks to the BBC commentator for putting him on display. Maybe soon we will see news of him getting fired from his job.

Seams that is the only recourse the public has against bigots who are so comfortable in their white priviledge that they boldly spit hatred on television without fear of reprisal.

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