President Obama plans to confront Congress from campaign trail as part of a renewed strategy for 2012.

Smiley: The Obama campaign is terribly concerned about these shifting demographics and whether or not their base is going to turn out.

West: He’s going to have to find his backbone or he’s gonna find himself in a tight race as a centrist.




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   I agree with Dr. West that the Latino vote is going to matter. The Spanish speaking news is always reporting on the ICE activity; unlike the English speaking news.  The Latino public has to be well informed that voting Republican is going to be worse.  Most are so upset about the deportations that they are willing to vote Republican.  I hope that Obama's re-election campaign know what to do in order to convince the Latino voters.

Sorry Tavis, but I do not agree that a so-called Obama strategy for 2012 will simply ride or pick on a do-nothing Congress. Millions of Americans already know where much of the Congress stands when it comes to the people's interests; whether Congress is on the side of the people or on the side of corporatists. No one is wasting valuable energy discussing that. Many congressmen and women are seeing the inside walls of the Congress for the last time; they will lose their seats to complete dark horses who carry no baggage but are articulate, trustworthy, and bold enough to step up against self-styled political giants.

California was a case in point. Governor Brown spent a fraction of what his opponent spent on the road to the State House. Brown was 72 (repeat 72), running against a loaded ex-Wall Street CEO Meg Whitman (54). Whitman reportedly spent over $160 million to Brown's twenty something odd millions; though Unions just about matched Brown in ad support spending.  Brown won hands down, despite his relatively parlous purse and the reality of the more than scattered showers of grey hair on his brows and balding head! Brown was the sixth youngest governor in California's history. He doubles as California's and America's oldest governor at 73! The year 2010 was Brown's third time to be sworn in as governor of California. The point of all these is that Americans know how to send clear messages when ready. Next year, 2012, is another year for such a clear message.      

The heart and soul of Obama's 2012 strategy is going to be powerful, multifaceted, and thunderous in effect and ramification. Literally, opponents will be blown away by the sheer multiplicity and perplexing power of the strategy when it begins to unfold. The stage the media can figure out now with a little dose of imagination is what we call "SitDonLook" (quiet and just watching); the more you look, the less you see. Those who thought they saw technology at play in 2008 should wait for what is in the wings.

He needs to speak to the occupy movement, before it solidifies itself as an alternate to mainstream politics. We have not forgotten Ms. Warrine, and the brown race as a whole indigenous or not is being left behind on his watch, and only get tough talk from him .

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