if anyone has a second to read just a few of the comments from this link:


i really would want to know your thoughts. to me the comments spoke more than the facts. i'm not one to dwell on stats because i know that they are elusive and whenever people use polls to defend their argument, i always ask myself: "who did they poll?" However, the reason why i researched the disparaging stats about the wealth gap between whites and blacks in america is because i've read numerous comments on this network alone that display that societal handicaps no longer target blacks but the poor. it's no longer a black or white issue but a green issue. although the white median household salary is TEN times that of blacks, i choose to highlight the derogatory comments left by thousands of americans who believe that blacks are lazy. i'm black and i'm not lazy so i can't help but to be slighted affected by the GENUINE feedback. These commentators will not lose their jobs for their freedom of speech. That leads me to my next point about Stephen's Smith comment on ESPN Zone about blacks being overly racially sensitive:


He shared his view that too many anchors are losing their jobs over simple mistakes because of the influence of blacks among other groups to be racially sensitive. His public view was so awkward to watch, i felt like he threw the whole black community under the bus for what?: because a sports writer didn't know that the term "c****" was derogatory and lost his job. i don't know exactly how i'm feeling right now but i know i don't feel indifferently about these issues. so does that make me racially sensitive? and if so, am i justified for these feelings? lastly, i especially beckon the critics of obama to read these comments on the wealth gap because i want them to understand that even if obama catered to black people, the visible americans that i have seen on various social networks and blogs are not afraid to express their candid and negative view of blacks in america. i am asking for those who  have no apathy for this issue to understand that just because you see no evil and hear no evil, doesn't mean the evil isn't there. I see and hear it very clearly and i cannot give anyone any pass to believe that there is not a covert war waged upon blacks. if u made it this far, thanks for reading and if you decide to comment, i would honestly appreciate any answer to some of the questions i posed. god bless.

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First let me say: As for hip Hop’s having a negative influence on Black kids, it’s not Hip Hop; it’s Black adults. We tell them not to use drugs; then we turn around and elect Marion; preachers rape our kids and we support the preacher; the CBC rais fifty million dollars for Black kids and gives one million and we don’t complain and we support a civil rights industry and can’t name anything they accomplished.

Are you sure you actually believe Rev. Al and all who makes millions in this “deep rooted” racism business would give it up to end racism and join the ranks of the proletariat. And besides, what racist society make millionaires out of the leaders of the oppressed then elect one president?

I think you misunderstood what Geraldo was saying. He was saying that the hoodie was identified with criminals. Thoes out there protesting wearing hoodies would not don a red or blue hoodie and go into certain gang areas. If something will get you kill, why would you want to wear it just because you have a right to.

Black people vote. Our problem is we don’t demand anything for it. Imagine if those of us on this site would have our friends and relatives join us and demand that the President withhold federal aid from any police department that discriminates. And suppose we, use the Trayvon protest to demand the right to ban any abusive policeman from our community rather that whatever it is we are demanding now.

I was a cofounder of Voices for Justice. We had several successful lawsuits against the state of NC, MC board of election, the Klan and several others. I write and produce and fund my own half hour radio show call Church and State.

safirah chinwe said:

@Mr. Pratt,

I've always looked at black self destruction`as a result of the broken black family structure and lack of knowledge of self (heritage). In what ways do you mean keeping up with white people (lifestyle, image)? I'm not sure racism sells as much as it incites. If you were to ask any civil rights leader if we could put an end to what they do how they'd feel, he/she would be obligated to say that they wish they didn't have to do what they do but particularly in US, racial discrimination is too deep rooted to disapper in its entirety.

As far as EEOC, i imagine access to influential attorneys has something to do with the case's resolution and civil rights leaders are not attorneys. i disagree with Stephen because he tried to remove blame from a sportswriter, who made racially insensitive remarks, at the expense of blacks. That's like Geraldo reducing blame from Zimmerman's suspicion, that killed an unarmed boy, because the victim wore a hoodie. I don't believe in American democracy per se   or black political strength, however, i do believe that black communities can strengthen and support themselves if there was some sense of black solidarity present. Older generations may think blacks are a joke, but the younger generations world wide are heavily influenced by hip hop, which is a black thing. i understand your frustration, are u a member of any community groups?, would u start one?

Bennetta, did you read this?


I asked because while reading your above discussion, it quickly became obvious to me (and, I would imagine, every one else) that the person you were debating is far below your knowledge level.

So, if you have not already done so, I thought you might want to read something on your own high level of intellectual development.

James - Thanks for kind words.  Unfortunately, S&W site and its majority members have vastly changed and NOT for the better either, i.e., when I first started visiting this site, there could at least minimally be found SOME intellectual and mature discourse of discussions/perspectives of substance that were not self serving but gradually that sphere has disappeared along with many members; discussions NOW often seem either illogical or just uninteresting.  I was also turned off by the sudden and obvious censorship and site surveillance (censoring all the truth tellers’ comments/attachments seem to me rather contradictory to S&W’s own stated philosophy on truth telling). 

BTW I DO love this article as it is fantastically true....the writer really nailed it!!  Indeed Obama was forced to publicly acknowledge this terrible tragedy due to the public yearning of his Black overly-committed constituency BUT how sad 1) he needed to be forced in the first place esp following his recent immediate response phone call to that White Georgetown student whose feminist feelings were hurt (life vs. hurt feelings...hmm importance doesn’t quite match);  and 2) To my knowledge, he still NEVER even called Trayvon’s parents with His official condolence of this “too common” American Tragedy that involved the murder of their child which ALL OF AMERICA is rightfully thinking & talking about right now and in which such a call is generally the standard manner of expressing personal sympathy for loss of life.  However, that is also a sentiment that rarely can be faked.  So in that regard, I guess he did the right thing by NOT calling.

Besides the obvious bringing about of justice for this young man’s family so that they might eventually find some level of closure, I also pray that the Trayvon Martin tragedy exposes some of our CORRUPT laws and policies which actually initiated much of our country’s current dangerous culture of “SUSPICION” that has managed to incite so much FEAR and PARANOIA within communities - tragically leading many of these communities to become infiltrated with NeighborhoodWatch and CommunityPolicing vigilante stalkers and killers whom are scarily and ignorantly on a mission to report & capture so-called suspicious people they’ve been repeatedly warned exists right in their communities.  These same domestic instigators have also proven willing to even stalk and destroy innocent American citizens all in the name of fighting so-called counter terrorism....whatever that is.  It’s all gotten quite sickening and completely out of control if you ask me.... to the point of boldly disregarding even our civil rights and civil liberties while also creating community criminal monsters - without any challenge nor oversight.  In other words, we’ve become exactly what we claimed to be fighting against and this really should be concerning to ALL of us.  Hence laws/policies/practices such as Cointelpro, PatriotAct & NDAA all have the same shared bigoted, racist, subjective and potentially inhumane foundations based upon distorted and often “anti-minority” perceptions of what or whom should be considered “SUSPICIOUS.”  So guess I’ll keep looking for that CHANGE obama promised me....until the next time my friend, stay on your path to TRUTH.

can a tree be with no roots?

and what exactly is that transplant?

the world's greatest ethnic tragedy on a stage before a soldout audience

some have read the book

other's haven't

but they'll both watch the same ending

the protagonist fights to belong where he/she'll never be accepted


when all the while they just needed to look within

and accept him/herself...




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