After almost one million deaths and more than $1 trillion, Smiley & West ask: Was it worth it?

Smiley: I am certain that the world is free of another gangsta. Free of another thug. On the other hand, I’m not sure that makes us any safer.

West: Justice does not come out of the barrel of a gun. It was retaliation and revenge. Is that who we are as a people? I hope not.

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"Justice does not come out of the barrel of a gun". Does justice come at the end of a rope or an execution after the jury said guilty? How do we define justice?


How We define Justice ? We = will be Us ? Us You and Me ?  No clues Now I have a memory that I read from indian from Oaxaca Mexico  If someone kill other, the killer will have to take care of the vicim ( family ) this system was the elders who keep in order I think moral justice understanding is in hands of wisdom them
I love the title "Osama Assainated." Really shows kind of the other perspective of things....It's funny how we as Americans justify revenge and retaliation but when it is done to us in that same name, we wonder why.

It is apparent that the United States has a thug, retaliatory mentailty!  Sounds very Bloodish, very Cripish to me!  Right?  For those who lost loved ones on 911, and I am not one of them, I might add!  I'm sure that they feel vendicated with a slight twinge of justice being served!

I was in Manhattan on that day, and imediately in the aftermath, on my way home on that very day, while boarding a NJ Transit train, while in the press, I was called the "N" word by a white man!  I don't think that we can rest now, because we have to asked ourselves, are we any safer now that Bin Ladin is dead, and most importantly, where do we go from here!


Also what are we gonna do about the prevailing racisim that still presists in this country!  As my grandmother used to say  "Charity starts at home and spreads abroud"!  How can we judge other countries and police them when stand on the side of wrong countless times with police brutialty, trigger happy policing, etc. running rempant!


I know you remember Eleanor Bumpers a grandmother who was assinated by the NYPD back in the 80's if my mind serves me well!  That is an image that I cannot seem to erase from my mind.  (Sojouner Truth, Ain't I a woman")!  Where was justice during this ordeal?


We really gotta do better before we judge others!



I think its wrong for America too always feel like its right too carry violence abroad then turn around and forget that violence begets violence
People are quick too forget America has done so many people dead wrong on the same soil we on now karma doesn't discriminate people do


Unless I can engage Smiley and West on this issue directly, I am not really enthused about discussing in the abstract the merit or otherwise of their position. What are they suggesting as viable option;  invite Osama bin Laden, Ayman Zawahiri and top Al Qaeda operatives to a presidential dinner and talk it over?! Oh, please....!  

What I hope we are as a people (as Americans) is ensuring that truth and justice prevail for ALL and that order and rule of law, ingredients of democracy and civilization, are upheld. That way, at the very least, we can ensure the greater good for the greater majority. Otherwise, there is no basis for a Prison system; there is no rationale for crime and punishment; there is no logic to maintaining social order. Morasuasion has its very elastic limit. Beyond there, you have to ensure some regulatory enforcement.    

This is one reason many of us are arguing that charity should begin at home. We cannot reasonably and justifiably be seeking to enforce a situation we have not first ensured in our OWN immediate, political and social environment. The only word for that is hypocrisy.

The rule is to love thy neighbor as thyself, NOT more than thyself. I do not believe that as a normal human being living on Planet Earth, loving your enemy means allowing your enemy to kill you when you have a choice. That is tantamount to simple suicide. You fail to exercise the power to save your own life when you have the capability and the means to do so.   

Everything about politics is attempting to define an ideal social order. This is not an exercise in some esoteric adventure as to what constitutes order, justice, law and democracy. I am inclined to identifying with the Supreme Court Justice who said he might not be able to define pornography, but he knew it when he saw one. If it feels like the Mosaic law of an eye for an eye, then, so be it. May be we are at the level of human development where Mosaic law is appropriate for US and our circumstance. We should just be modest enough to admit to that. I believe peace is the desirable ideal for humanity. I am also pragmatic enough to know that there are many a time when war is an inevitable price to pay for ensuring that peace.   

When anyone dies there's someone who grieves for that person no matter how they may have lived their life.  Bin Laden's demise will cause grieving for those who love him, as well as some relief from people who grieved on September 11th and are healing from that pain of loss and help some of them to forgive if they have not gotten to that point.  What we must do is pray for our President who stepped into a battle that was brewing prior to him taking office.  We must also pray for all our brothers and sisters - even our enemies.  We can all have our opinions and vent our feelings, but in the end the true judge will clean the slate in time to come.  May we not worry nor let go of hope over a temporal event that will never bring unity or love - love is a choice.  Let us accept the reality of division in our world, especially in America that's like a pot of water and oil - they only mix when you shake it up and then it's only stays together temporarily.  If you must grieve for Bin Laden then let your grieving be fair in that you grieve for the quake victims in Japan, grieve for Haiti, grieve for the lives lost in recent tornados, and grieve for every life that will be lost naturally (illness, accident) or unnaturally (murder, suicide, genocide).  Pick up the obituaries and grieve for not one, but all.  May the Most High God, creator of Heaven and Earth show us all mercy when we're unloving, unkind, unfair, inconsistent, hateful, hurtful, judgmental, bias, gossipers, deceivers, liars, haters, and like.  The world started to die thousands of years ago when Adam and Eve sinned.  What we’re witnessing are stages of her death.  She’s in a hospice stage right now.  Her death will come…

It was not RETALIATION and REVENGE.  When a criminal has committed a crime in America, the authorities search for them and prosecute.  Some criminals fight and get hurt or killed, others give up and go to court and pay the price.  That is why we have prisons or have you forgotten about all the brotha's in prison many who are not guilty of anything.  NO, it is NOT RETALIATION and REVENGE, it is JUSTICE!
@Sister Wilkerson: We should be careful to make a distinction between ACCUSED & CONVICTED. Between VERDICT and POPULAR BELIEF. If we're not careful, "Mob Mentality" of patriotism can easily be weaponized and used against us. Or has it already been? #ThisIsChessNotCheckers

Morality of celebrating death aside, this was a brilliant tactical move.



1) proved that the best way to handle the so-called "War on Terror" was following John Kerry's stance when he was running for president in '04. The very stance the GOP used to call Kerry a coward that "didn't understand the war on terrorism" - The nature of war has changed, and you don't need "platoons" of boots on the ground to fight the "war on terror." Small special ops teams is where the focus should be to get the job done.  

Obama invalidated the Bush doctrine in a more tangible fashion than changing the nature of rhetoric when addressing the Middle East/our foreign policy stance with this act.


2) Rome was ruled by the mob, and the death of OBL will placate and satisfy the mob. Poll numbers, for the most part, already reflect this. It was cathartic for a majority of the country, and provides the psychological incentive to support a total U.S. withdrawal (with the exception of CIA and SpecOps)


3) The GOP can no longer use the "weak on foreign policy" argument against Obama. He ordered the hit that W. Bush had the chance to order in Tora Bora but did not. Dubya, after all, needed a boogey man to help scare us into Iraq.




What about that LibyaWest?? Those lying mutha's at the white house have had to walk backwards on everything obama said the night of supposed assassination!!!!!! Obama is a liar.

Now, this is what I said:

"Osama bin Laden" had been living in Pakistan, in a mega mansion, "10 times the size" of every other house in the area, but whose whereabouts was given away, not by the size of the house but "by the fact that there were no telephone lines or internet service to the house". Brilliant Sherlock!!!

The house,located in an area not too far from a hospital, "where he was probably receiving treatment for his kidney disease", and not too far from "a Pakistani military base". Gheez, he was really trying hide, wasn't he?

On top of that, yesterday, the US government, which had been surveilling the house since "last August", decided to fly in a "team of navy seals", "helicopter and all",one of which was "lost during this dangerous mission but nobody was killed or injured", "deep into Pakistan", to "take out" Osama bin Laden! And they "killed him in a fire fight!" with "a bullet to the head!"

A fire fight with who???????

Damn, anybody reading this stupid story can see that the mega-mansion was UNGUARDED!!!! Who did they kill? Osama bin Laden, two couriers,who as the story goes, "ran messages from bin Laden down the hill" and a women (or two)! Supposedly, "a woman and child" survived.

The "brave navy seals", who after so long a period of survellance must have known about the child, still fired on the compound, killing Osama with a "shot to his head".

Then they recovered the body which, in accordance with a heretofore unknown Islamic tradition, has been "buried at sea!!!!"

But something was missing from obama's script, "We killed, Kenny! We killed Kenny!"



That's what I said but the question is, "Why did anyone believe such an obviously phony story?"



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